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  Thanjavur / Traditional Paintings

     These are religious paintings with royal heritage of South India. Mythology is the common theme running through these paintings. This form of art evolved and flourished under the patronage of Hindu rulers, Nayaks and Marathas in the 17th and 18th centuries in Thanjavur of Tamilnadu. These paintings adorn the royal dwellings and later found way to most of the Hindu households. The breadth taking craftsmanship is executed on cloth backed by wood. Liberal use of gold leaf, precious and semi precious stones present a splendid visual treat.



  The Thematic

      Smt C.K.Somalatha, who got trained from the Regional Design and Technical Institute, Bangalore, says that traditional paintings are more than just art. Through her keen insight and observation she has brought about a revolution in traditional art. She has set a unique pattern of immense value to others who aspire to become artists. She feels that it is necessary for one to understand symbology of art and view it from the proper standpoint to appreciate the same. The depth in the art should bring oneness between the viewer and the creation! For her art is vital for human progress which evokes deep human values.

  The Artists

     V.Gangadhar (Raju) is with Mrs.Somalatha for the past 15 years. Every piece of his creation is done with sincere reverence. For him work is a form of meditation. His creative instinct and eye for details have been his valued assets that he nurtures with great care. He works with dedication and perseverance. He finds his work transcendental, that takes him beyond limitations of space. Almost every aspect of dignity is revealed through his work, which gives a unique permanence to ephemeral objects that can be appreciated any time.

     B Janardhan has 10 years of rich experience with Mrs.Somalatha in the field of traditional art has deep interest in his work. Being patient and working hard are his virtues. He is able to effectively bring out the difference between mere imitations and purposeful creative expressions. One gets a glimpse of harmony and orderliness in his pieces of art, which makes all the difference.

     Somalatha and associates thank all the senior artists for their great support and the different reference materials which were educative and handy.

  Somalatha & Associates

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